49th ESDR meeting 2019

 18-21 septembre 2019

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

Bordeaux, best known for its wine châteaux, is featured on the ESDR 2019 poster* by one of its famous monuments known as ‘le pont de pierre’, a stone bridge erected after a decree of Napoleon in 1807. Its construction was difficult because of the width of the river Garonne, floods and tides, as well as financial difficulties, but since its grand opening in 1822, the citizens of Bordeaux are very proud of their elegant bridge. From the stone bridge you can discover the magnificent XVIIIth century architecture of the left bank and understand why the city belongs to UNESCO world heritage.

Connecting Skin and Science” is an ambitious motto, but if the construction of the stone bridge on a large and sometimes tumultuous river was very challenging two centuries ago, dermatology has also achieved major and sometimes unexpected breakthroughs over the last two decades, and we owe the progresses not only to serendipity but also to good science applied to our favorite organ, skin. One of the pioneers in photodermatology, oncodermatology and dermatosurgery was the first chair and founder of the Bordeaux school of Dermatology, William-Auguste Dubreuilh (1857-1935). We are much honored to host the 49th meeting of the ESDR in the spirit of our motto, in full accordance with the vision of Dubreuilh one century ago.

Welcome to Bordeaux,

ESDR 2019

 Alain TAIEB







Alain Taïeb
ESDR 2019 Local Organizing Committee Chair

 *designed by sculptor and graphist François Didier, the poster shows also the Cailhau Gate which was the main entrance in the city on the port side in the Middle Ages.


Alain Taïeb, Bordeaux (Chair)

Julien Seneschal, Bordeaux

Hamid Reza Rezvani,  Bordeaux

Katia Boniface, Bordeaux

Muriel Cario, Bordeaux

Franck  Boralevi, Bordeaux

Christine Léauté-Labrèze, Bordeaux

Fanny Morice-Picard, Bordeaux

Jean-Philippe Merlio, Bordeaux

Marie Beylot-Barry, Bordeaux

Anne Pham-Ledard, Bordeaux

Béatrice Vergier, Bordeaux

Carle Paul, Toulouse

Juliette Mazereeuw-Hautier, Toulouse

Nicolas Meyer, Toulouse

Jean-Claude Lecron, Poitiers

Franck  Morel, Poitiers

Christophe Bedane, Limoges